Engines of Sacrifice Review in Lovecraft eZine

“The book is so Lovecraftian, in fact, that it could read as pastiche, were it not for the subtle meta-critical stance Chambers takes with the narrative, particularly towards the final moments. It’s this aspect of Engines that I really enjoyed, the way Chambers directly addresses the erroneous “kaiju terror” interpretation of the Mythos…”

It would seem I should Google myself more often.

I did so last night and unearthed a wonderfully thoughtful review of The Engines of Sacrifice by S.R. Jones on the Lovecraft eZine. Any writer will tell you how nice it is to read a review written by someone who really got what you were going for. Well, Mr. Jones really got The Engines of Sacrifice, warts and all, as he makes no bones about noting what he thought didn’t work as well as what did in his remarkably insightful and generally positive review. At the end of the day, many book reviews boil down to little more than one reader’s opinion. The best expand the conversation started by a piece of fiction–this  (in my opinion) is one of those.

 Thank you, Mr. Jones.

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