Corpse Fauna is a series of four novellas set in a world overrun by the walking dead. Portions of the Corpse Fauna cycle were originally published in anthologies and magazines during the heyday of the “zombie rennaisance.” Dark Quest Books is publishing the complete Corpse Fauna cycle in expanded and updated editions, including the all-new, never-before-published concluding novella. Read more.

Praise for The Dead Bear Witness (Corpse Fauna, Volume I):

“Chambers…evoke[s] the sense of terror that has kept zombie lore a staple of the horror industry for years… disturbing not only for the gore and gristle therein, but for the psychological implications…”
Vampirella Magazine

“…somewhat humorous, often insightful, and downright creepy…”
The Nth Degree

“…Chambers made me cry.”

“… a nice grisly piece for late at night.”
—Allen Koszowski, illustrator



A collection of four, original novellas inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Read more, including free excerpts from each novella, and check out The Engines of Sacrifice video.

Praise for The Engines of Sacrifice:

“Chambers’s damaged characters cling to hope even as the world comes apart at the seams, making the insanity and despair of their circumstances poignant as well as deliciously creepy.” —Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review [FULL REVIEW]

“…one of those books that just sucks you in and does not let go until it is all over.” –Horror Bob, The Horror Review [FULL REVIEW]



Part of Dark Regions Press’ New Voices in Horror anthology series, this collection gathers some of my best horror fiction, including a new short story and a new novella. Read more, including the full story, “Trick,” and an excerpt from “Mooncat Jack.”

Praise for Resurrection House:

“Chambers has a skill for evoking the emotions that are needed in the horror field.” –David Agranoff, Postcards from a Dying World [FULL REVIEW]

“Delving into human frailties and fears, Chambers acknowledges the internal monsters of the psyche.  He also adroitly addresses the external evils; those terrors that are kept at bay for the sense of sanity.” –Hellnotes [FULL REVIEW]

“Chambers manages to turn the ordinary into something creepy, conspiracy into something scary, and history into Hell…” –Monster/Colleen Wanglund [FULL REVIEW]

“These stories are highly creative accounts of horror, fantasy, and a bit of science fiction. James Chambers writes stories that are unique and represent some extraordinary short fiction. The stories were ingeniously written…” –Living Dead Media [FULL REVIEW]



My short stories of crime, fantasy, horror, and science fiction have appeared in more than thirty anthologies and magazines, including the award-winning anthology series Bad-Ass Faeries and Defending the Future. Read more, including a full list of my published stories.