The Midnight Hour

Praise for The Midnight Hour: Saint Lawn Hill and Other Tales

“…the type of tale that made most of us fall in love with the genre in
the first place: monsters and mayhem.” –Hellnotes

“…for those who enjoy their horror straight up and to the point….” —Horror Fiction Review

“Each story is more intricate, more intriguing, and spookier than the
previous one.” — [FULL REVIEW]

“Great art. Great stories. Great design.” —Christopher Mills,

In the world of The Midnight Hour, the supernatural is real—and the truth about axe murderers, demons, ghosts, haunted houses, mountain beasts, witches, and vampires is more bizarre than you’ve ever imagined. Combining adventure, horror, and a touch of deadpan humor, The Midnight Hour chronicles the adventures of Madeline Night and her group of occult investigators as they expose paranormal frauds and document true cases of otherworldly menace on their weekly radio program. The Midnight Hour—Where all the secrets of the shadows are revealed…

  • Do Chopper, Dicer, and Whacker–the greatest mass axe murderers in American history–haunt the living from beyond the grave? Learn the gruesome truth in “Saint Lawn Hill.”
  • The beautiful people are disappearing–is it the plot of a gang of crazed street people or something far more sinister? The hideous conspiracy exposed in “Children of the Oneiroi.”
  • What dark secrets lurk atop three sister mountains known as The Furies? The answer lies above “The Blackburn Cairns.”
  • What preys upon the pets of Hamilton, initiating them into the ranks of the undead? The terrifying secret revealed in “Blood &Water, Fang & Sting.”

The Midnight Hour: Saint Lawn Hill and Other Tales is the first collection of stories from this supernatural adventure series written by James Chambers and illustrated by Jason Whitley, featuring eight serial tales and more than 60 illustrations. Co-created by Chambers and Whitley, The Midnight Hour has also appeared in comic books, including the ”The Hand of Gorlak” in The Midnight Hour Vol. 1, No. 1 (August, 2004) and “The Demon Head of Harbuu Kisasi”
Negative Burn Vol. 2, No. 9 (January, 2007). Image Comics/Desperado Publishing.

Excerpt and story from The Midnight Hour

Read an excerpt from “The Blackburn Cairns” in The Midnight Hour: Saintlawn Hill and Other Tales.

Read the full story “Young Demons.”







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