Three Chords of Chaos

Three Chords of Chaos is a well-written, compelling story interwoven with an authentic description of the famed punk rock culture that developed in the early 80s. A very entertaining and enlightening novella. Highly recommended.”

–Gene O’Neill, The Cal Wild Chronicles

“In this dark urban fantasy James Chambers plays a thrilling riff on the razor’s edge where music and magic meet. Sex, drugs, Faustian bargains, and rebellious Fae make Three Chords of Chaos my kind of faery tale.”

–Douglas Wynne, author of The Devil of Echo Lake and Steel Breeze

Three Chords of Chaos’ is a darkly rich story, starring an exiled faery and his lady love. Mr. Chambers has created a cast of intriguing and charismatic characters in a music and magic fueled world. Including mentions of music legends and devilish deal-making enhances an already compelling tale. Three Chords of Chaos is no ordinary faerie tale!

–The Bibliophilic Book Blog



Once, lord of lyrics; once, prince of peace…

Now a demon let off his leash…

No greater musician than Gorge ever lived in the realm of the sidhe.

No faerie musician ever delved so deeply into the taboo songs and the forbidden music—the Way of the Bone. Yet, Gorge refused to deny himself their temptations.

In reward his true love betrayed him, and the faerie kings and queens who once praised him stripped him of his magic and exiled him to the mortal world. Left to go mad and die, Gorge discovered new life in the arms of a mortal woman, Delilah—and new magic in the music that sings in the souls of mortals. Decades later, Gorge walks a dark path through New York City’s music underground in the early 1980s. He lives a secret life, hiding from the fae, waging a guerilla war of punk rock, and wielding his guitar like a weapon as he gathers magic and recharges his power. Until the day he’s strong enough to return home and open the Way of the Bone upon all the Faerie Kingdoms. The mortal world, however, is a dangerous place.

Gorge never expected to discover such raw energy almost beyond his control among the mortals who worship his music. Nor did he count on a mortal wizard to discover his secrets or turn the ancient weapons of the fae against him. Caught in a dangerous game of magic, music, and lies, Gorge must find the truth and uncover the source of his enemy’s power while survival and love hang in the balance. And Gorge has only his music to protect him, only a song for any hope of salvation, only Delilah’s love to carry him through the darkness….

Coda-Burning Chains Broken. Illustration by Ed Coutts.
Coda-Burning Chains Broken. Illustration by Ed Coutts.

In Three Chords of Chaos, the latest title in Dark Quest Books’ Bad-Ass Faerie Tales novella series, James Chambers expands upon the story of Gorge, the fallen faerie with an acid attitude and an endless ax to grind with those who betrayed him. In “The Way of the Bone” (Bad-Ass Faeries: Just Plain Bad) Gorge stood at the top of the music world, playing to arena crowds, and moving ever closer to the darkness he sought to send to his enemies in the realm of the sidhe. In “Faerie Ring Blues” (Bad-Ass Faeries: In All Their Glory), Gorge learned how to live in the mortal world. Now, in Three Chords of Chaos, Gorge comes into his own and begins to understand how much magic and power there is for the taking—but also how deadly and vicious mortals can be.

Three Chord of Chaos follows Gorge and his mortal lover Delilah as they navigate the smoky shadows of the Big Apple’s underground punk clubs as well as the decadent parties of the music world’s elite. A blend of punk music, urban fantasy, and dark forces, Three Chords of Chaos explores the dangerous nexus of faerie and mortal worlds where Gorge lives life on the edge. A tour de force faerie-punk love story, Three Chords of Chaos is essential reading for anyone who likes their faeries wrapped in barbed-wire and guitar strings.


His Master's Ear. Illustration by Ed Coutts.
His Master’s Ear. Illustration by Ed Coutts.

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