A New Review for On the Night Border!

Reviews are nice. Good reviews are even nicer. Great reviews nicer still! But the best kind of review, the kind authors love to see are thoughtful reviews that dig in deep to the book and give readers a glimpse of the heart of the book without giving away any of the secrets and surprises within. That’s the kind of review of On the Night Border Becky Spratford recently posted on her blog RA for All: Horror.

One of my favorite comments from the review:

The best part of this excellent collection is that Chambers’ joy for writing horror shines through in each story. He is good at writing, yes, but it is also clear that he is thoroughly enjoying himself. And that joy makes reading this collection even better experience.

And if that isn’t enough in the way of kind words, the stories in On the Night Border are also compared favorably to the work of John Langan, Stephen Graham Jones, and Carmen Maria Machado. Good company, indeed. Click through for the full review.

As a bonus you also get Becky’s review of Kathleen Kaufmann’s new folk horror novel, Diabhal.